ADRIATIC SEA - Marotta di Fano (PU)
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Marotta, is situated along the Adriatic Sea a few km from Fano, across the river Metauro. His name (bad rupta) comes from the defeat suffered in 207 BC, by the Carthaginian of Hasdrubal in the famous battle of Metauro. Until the last World War it still was a small fishing village. Since then it has become larger with its long beach, a graceful seaside resort which makes it a pleasant stay for delicious spring and summer days
The marine environment has remained intact, where the fishermen live between boats anchors and networks. It’s an invitation to rediscover the pleasure of simplicity and the real human relationships.
During sunsets an exiting experience is participating in the sell of fish, get together between delicate and typical dishes on the seaside, or gather in the characteristics parties, as "Festival of Garagoi" held on the promenade of Marotta (Piazza Roma and Viale Carducci ) in 25, 27, 28 of April The traditional culinary specialities are passed on over the time preserving the flavours and fragrances of a cuisine born from the sea. Originated after the war by a small group of fishermen, the Festival of Garagoi is designed as an opening of the tourist season and is organized to accommodate people visiting the country during summer time. "Garagoi", so called by people of Marotta,are molluscs very abundant in this sea belt. Fisherman are masters in preparing them.
These are cooked and then dipped in a sauce made from oil, tomatoes, wine and scented herbs. The festival offers to the tourists the opportunity to associate good food, music, typical products to the entertainment..

Apartments by the Adriatic coast

Apartments for renting for 2,3,4 and 6 persons located in two villas in the front of the sea, in the turistic locality Marotta di Fano ( PU) situated beetwen Fano and Senigallia, near Rimini, Riccione, Pesaro, Recanati, Numana, Sirolo, Frasassi, Ancona and Urbino. Each villa has four apartments: two on the ground floor with garden and other two on the first floor with a large terrace. Main distances: Urbino km. 42, Assisi km. 113, Perugia km. 120, Rimini km. 40, Gubbio 80 Km.

  • Villetta Lorena : Via Faà Di Bruno 104 - Marotta di Fano (Pu)

Villa Lorena in the front of the sea with 4 apartments:two on the ground floor with garden and terrace and two at the first floor with a large terrace. The apartments are for 2, 3, 4 and 6 persons have a nice view of the Adriatic beach. They face a pedestrian island. There is a washing machine in common. Dogs or small pets are allowed. Shops and supermarkets at about 200 metres and restaurants and coffe about 50 metres.

  • Villetta Paola : Via Faà Di Bruno 135 - Marotta di Fano (Pu)

Villa Paola is about 200 metres from Villa Lorena facing the sea, with 4 apartments: two on the ground floor with a little garden and two on the first floor.with a small terrace: The apartments are for 2, 3, 4 and 5 persons, the washing machine is in common,. There’s also a parking ,There is a beautiful view over the Adriatic coast; pedestrian area. Shops and restaurants are about 200 metres far, coffe is about 50 metres.